Haut Doubs (Franche-Comté) – our study region

A pair of videos from Youtube to inspire you with the wonders of this part of France.

In this regard, with the increase of surface dedicated to farming during the last decades, the landscape structure that you can see in the videos have changed, which may have promoted vole outbreaks.

If you are more interested about this, I suggest you to read for instance this article:

Giraudoux, P., Delattre, P., Habert, M., Quéré, J.P., Deblay, S., Defaut, R., Duhamel, R., Moissenet, M.F., Salvi, D. & Truchetet, D. (1997) Population dynamics of fossorial water vole (Arvicola terrestris scherman): a land use and landscape perspective. Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment, 66, 47–60.



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