Ready for the 11th European Vertebrate Pest Management Conference!

Next week I (Javier) will be in Warsaw (Poland) to attend to this Conference. Click here to get to the website of the conference. In addition, you will find the scientific programme here.

EVPMC 2017

I will show the following presentation that you already have in this blog (click here) or in YouTube (click here), but with some modifications like adding more results of the exposure to bromadiolone of voles and small mustelids. In this regard, I briefly explain here that with the collaboration of the FREDON Franche-Comté voles were trapped in our study sites and then dissected to get their livers and determine whether they have been exposed to bromadiolone. For the small mustelids, this exposure to bromadiolone was tested by collecting their scats in the surroundings of the footprint tracking tunnels with visits of small mustelids.

We will include the pdf of the presentation in the upcoming days so you can have a look of these new results of bromadiolone residues. They have been obtained by applying methods of Liquid Chromatography combined with Mass Spectrometry (LC–MS/MS), which provide greater sensitivity. We provide here a brief video that can help you understand how it works

We strongly recommend reading a recent article published by our collaborator Isabelle Fourel and other co-authors from Vetagro-Sup. Click in the bibliographic reference to get to the link of this study.

Fourel, I., Damin-Pernik, M., Benoit, E., & Lattard, V. (2017). Core-shell LC–MS/MS method for quantification of second generation anticoagulant rodenticides diastereoisomers in rat liver in relationship with exposure of wild rats. Journal of Chromatography B, 1041, 120-132.

Hope you find it interesting!


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