Some presentations with preliminary results

Here I attach my presentation at the SETAC Europe Congress in Brussels, which was organised two weeks ago.

SETAC Presentation


I presented this in the Track 2: Ecotoxicology becomes stress ecology (from populations to ecosystems and landscapes). Session: Wildlife ecotoxicology: cumulative effects through the food chain to the community

This huge congress was an excellent opportunity to meet professionals working in wildlife ecotoxicology topics as me. I got several questions related to the possibility of making a more complex model with other predator species, diseases, etc. Additionally, it was asked the possibility to validate the results with field data. For the small mustelids I attach here another presentation that I conducted during the EASYs conference at CEBC (Chizé, western France) with some preliminary results.


EASYs presentation


The attendants seemed very interested so I was very happy for the result after the presentation.

Additionally, while I was in Brussels, the European Commission had a day of open doors during the May, 6th. I could visit the building with a lot of different activities related to Science, Nature Conservation and Agriculture, etc. Just let you know that the European Commission manages the Marie Sklodowska Curie Actions, in which our project is involved.


La imagen puede contener: texto

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask by the blog or by social media (LinkedIn, Facebook, Researchgate, etc.). In addition, my email is


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